My Now Page

Welcome to my ‘now’ page! A nice-and-neat platform for anyone who would like to know what I’m up to right now. Great for some self-reflection on where you’re headed – like a new years resolution but with an accountability factor.

Last updated: December 17, 2017 

Right now I am… spending the Christmas holidays at home, in Norfolk, with family.

My focus at the moment is on four main things:

The Masters Course. With term 1 having come to a close, the MA is proceeding at an alarmingly fast rate. Two essays to go, and I’ll be a 1/3 of the way through the course.

Research Assistantship. I am fortunate to be working with my lecturer, Dr Irene Fernandez-Molina, along with a classmate from the Conflict MA, on a project analysing competition amongst North African states for the lead on mediating a solution for the conflict in Libya.

Google Developer Challenge Scholarship. A long-shot application over the summer for an online web development course with Udacity, funded by Google and AT&T, bore fruit. Front-End Web Development, here I come.

Plans for the future. Very up in the air, are these plans. Applying for graduate jobs has been a largely soulless experience, and the post-uni dream of hiking the Te Araroa trail just won’t leave my head. Watch this space.


(This idea has been borrowed from the inspirational Anna McNuff, who in turn nabbed it from Derek Sivers: “The Now Page Movement“.)